Monday, May 4, 2009

"The Being", Part 20

My friends at this time and I were just learning the sport game of tennis, and we would learn off each other, all the while still not really having proper coach lessons in any formal knowledge...we winged it!
It was at this time, we were looking for tennis rackets to play with, which before we would simply borrow the school's to play tennis with.
Well, my two friends bought some dandy good metallic rackets, while I being with no proper money, bought a used tennis racket from a local center, a very heavy wooden one.
Though not knowing anything about tennis, when I had gone to buy the tennis racket, I earnestly requested a strong sturdy tennis racket, though the lady, I think a lady, was recommending a light metallic one, and I said how much?
She called off a price which was too much for me to afford, thus, I chose a heavy wooden tennis racket, even though there were other lighter wooden rackets.
My idea, and again not knowing tennis, thought that perhaps a sturdy one would be the better one...but also that I saw myself as a beginner, and while a metallic well groomed racket for the better player may have been nice, I subjectified myself to a lesser racket...humility being the best policy.
So anyway, we then met up for tennis, and my two friends had come with their tennis rackets, fine tuned light weight metallic rackets, with me showing up with a used, heavy wooden racket. So upon seeing this, my two friends would make a comment about the racket, in general they said, we went and bought these from the store, brand new the other day, how is yours? I told them the story, and they had smirks on their faces, as if the snooty better, and a look of as though: O it's okay, not everyone can afford such luxuries...poor boy! Well, I just stood my ground and we commenced to the courts to play tennis, and while yes, at first it took me some getting used to, I soon got the hang of using my newly bought tennis racket.
Then guess what? the competition began!
It seems, these two were trying to see about putting me down as a competitor, and when I literally got good with my racket that same day, and was kickin butt, they were trying to as well, but could not figure out why with such well groomed rackets, they were losing so badly to little ol' me! Their disdained look of emotion was quite clear, and I had made clowns of them both, for such a childish competitive attitude, and they kept yielding to me, time and time again for hours that me beating them both for hours on end...each time coming at me harder and both taking no break turns against me, a single one, and still me beating them...for hours on end! Finally, hours later at dark, they gave up, even with the lights on in the courts, they said they felt like going home.
So we headed out and went home, where we had lived only blocks away. I simply in a most noble way said: That was fun ay! Good game both of you, well played, let's do it again. The further disdain caused by this outstanding nobility, manifested and clearly so too...sigh! Nevertheless, once home, I said bye to these two and went home myself. But to shorten the recounting of the time I was a tennis player with my friends, I continued to play with the wooden racket, until it was totally out of shape, and it was decided that out of the default good, I had no choice but to buy a new tennis racket, so I wound up doing so. But when they had presented me with the old one once again some time later, they said: Remember this? It is your old racket!
I said: sure? They said: Yeah! You know what? This tennis racket has been proven to be unplayable! That is to say, no one can play a game with it...AT ALL! I said: Really! Wow! But you know I did though and for a long time, due to no money! They said: Yeah, but if it weren't for us, no one would believe you, and this IS your old tennis racket, for REAL! How did you do it? I said: Practice! But as well, to conlude this tennis story, I would study tennis by watching it on t.v., but never actually playing it physically, and when we would gather as friends to play, I would utilize what I had learned from watching, on the tennis games with my friends...and YES...beat them even worse! So to their surprise, they said you have been practicing! I said: No! I have not! and at one point even, I played them in intervals for hours on end, again beating them up and down, single handedly, while in intervals they each took breaks, and for hours straight...I DID NOT...simply by learning from professional tennis players on t.v. and studying them!

P.S. While playing tennis my two friends at one point did wear street clothes as did I, they in time bought proper tennis clothes though, while I due to no money again played on for years with them in my street clothes, jeans, shirt...though in time, my parents bought me some shorts to wear, then considered to be my tennis clothes. As well, at one point one of my friends asked me to exchange rackets with him, so that he may try mine and I his. It turned out while I did indeed play the better, he most assuredly did not..NO...could not, for the life of him! Too, a lesson was taught most profoundly, of noble sportsmanship, and of keen 'visual learning' as a means of acquiring physical skill mentally.

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