Monday, May 11, 2009

"The Being", Part 21

Well, in another time in middle school it was in the playground during class or recess break.
But we were all playing dodgeball, while there were some side audience members watching, as some of us actually played in this kids game, I was one of them.
Now for those who do not know this kids game: Dodgeball is a game where there is a sizeable rectangle where participants gather inside of, and at both ends of this rectangle are two ball throwers, which happens to be a very BIG rubber ball. With this very huge rubber ball, these two throw it at participants within the rectangle, and whosoever is tagged by this huge rubber ball, is considered out of the game.
Anyway, I was at first too shy, and admittedly scared to play, it looked forebodingly painful, and I was not any physical fact, my female cousin could persistently beat me in arm wrestling. So for some time, I stood at the sidelines just watching, when I was talked into entering the game...finally!
So there I am, in this rectangle playing dodgeball, where due to my timidness, both shy and fearfulness of that great big ball, slamming into me, I am purposefully dodging the ball by shielding myself behind people, thus getting them tagged out instead of me!
Well at first, the game went rather soft, thus wiping out my reservations of playing...but...they went and amped it up, and noticing that I was hiding to escape being tagged, the participants would purposefully make way for the ball when it came thrown down the rectangle! Well, I saw this, and at first...I think possibly I did get tagged out, possibly more than once even...but as I played on more, I did get to a point where I did amp myself up as well! Needless to say, it came to a point where I was impossibly dodging every attack set forth upon me, without the ball ever even coming close to me, though at times I would allow it to come close then jeeust dodge it with my impossible agility! It came to a point where the sideline crowd watching, grew in number, and now there was a massive crowd of kids watching the game, both cheering and insulting me along.
After awhile, I was doing so incredibly well, the two dodgeball throwers were complaining of their arms tuckering out, that they could not throw the huge rubber ball anymore, so someone volunteered to take over throwing the ball, but then they got tired, with painful arms!
So I bolstered them and said: Awww, come on, a big guy like you, tired, stop pretending! That is when they got a second wind to last even further, and so with newly bolstered strength, the game played on, now even more intensely! Yet still, I could not be downed, my agility was impossibly too quick, and again, if I would not dodge the ball by a mile, I would let it get to me close enough, and then impossibly dodge the ball! While sporadically bolstering the two ball throwers to last the marathon out, thus making it hard even more on me, trying to dodge the ball...yet still successfully doing so anyway! Well it came to a point where some disdainful enemy kids too raged in anger over my superiority, sent one kid to do some dirty work and was eating some chips on the sidelines, I noticed this and how he was dropping some onto the rectangle! It got to the point that I did inevitably did step on these dropped chips and slid hard onto the cement playground, with my right hand catching the brunt of the entire fall, thus breaking it at the wrist! Yet, with no finger pointing or even screaming of the pain I felt, I calmly said I think I need to go to the doctors, I cannot move my wrist. So someone pointed me to the nurses office, and the nurse there said, it was indeed broken, I had fractured it deeply. But was, amazed at my very calm reserve both politically and physically.
I was sent home that day, and immediately my dad took me to the doctors for an arm cast, for my broken wrist, which was indeed fractured quite profoundly, though 'they' The Secret Watcher crowd would lie and say was a slight simple hairline fracture not even visually accessible to the eye or X-Ray. But I had taught all everyone of them there, of noble sportsmanship(bolstering my 'enemy', non judgmental peaceful mentalities when breaking my wrist), of profound pain tolerance, and last but not least, my own bolstering of my own agility to impossible levels! All this with the initial shyness to participate to begin with, though later well talked into to doing so, which proved to be just that: a proving ground...of what I am quite capable of when I choose to be when mood sets in!
Needless to say, this impossible agility later was asked of me how it was so, for no one had ever seen such impossible agility before! I said, when I am calm of mind, I can see things in a slowed down pace, so as to dodge it coming as from a mile away! They were all stunned to hear this explanation, yet the proof had been established, by the secret filmed recorded instant too by the Matrix, and now well archived, which had been studied intensely by all of them, for its incredible feat as done by me!
Thus calm the mind, and always perform at one's personal peak, was taught out for the very first time, and thus was utilized as a teaching tool in all things of manner, from staying calm during a math quiz, to fighting in the military...but most visibly it was taught to boxers, and used in this arena a lot!

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