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Tentacle UFO In Britain, Not The First

The Tentacle UFO story out of Britain seems to be getting a lot of press.
When I read this article I realized this wasn't the first Tentacle UFO I remember reading about......
(Okay, actually my first thought was "It's a minion of Cthulhu!", but I got a grip.)

"Flying saucers, bright white lights and other strange objects have been seen flying above Reading, according to new files released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD)....And the eerie sightings do not stop there, with one person claiming he saw an object with approximately 300 tentacles somewhere in Reading."

MEXICO, November 13, 2004 - The UFO most resembling an organic creature may have been recorded over Mexico as it expelled strange spheres from several tentacles.
Says Jaime Maussan: "On October 27, to be exact, a giant object was photographed and videotaped over Mexico City. It was very impressive and it launched spheres" with regard to the latest evidence to feed his alien hypothesis.

Adrian Dalton was in his back garden in Daventry with his son when he noticed two black objects in the sky at a distance. He assumed they were birds until they came closer. When he saw them at close range he noticed they were brown and they had a dark centre. They made a swishing sound and pulsated. He stated "They looked like two brown jellyfish and they were swimming in the sky."

Daytime Red “Jellyfish” UFO Video.
Port Macquarie New South Wales Australia.
Monday 1st October 2006 Time: 10:30am

Jellyfish-shaped 'UFO' spotted in Shanghai
Several people reported seeing a jellyfish-shaped unidentified flying object about 8pm in Shanghai on Monday.

Mass sighting of large jellyfish-like UFO over Petrosavodsk, USSR
The thing now looked like a big jellyfish with golden tentacles, shining in beautiful colors.

And of course you can go back to Trevor James Constable and his "Sky Critters".
Or even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Horror of the Heights".

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