Friday, September 25, 2009

G20 and The Mandatory Swine Flu vaccinations, Conspiracy Theory Comes Alive!

The G20 Military build up....
The (mandatory?) Swine Flu vaccinations....

Does it seem like conspiracy theories are not only picking up speed, but getting a lot of main stream press?

Arrest at G20 Demonstrations, September 24, 2009

Looks kinda like a scene from a TV show doesn't it?
Not knowing the background of what actually happened here, I cant really comment on the video.
But an unmarked rolling up and camouflaged people getting out, grabbing someone and taking off?
Heck, for all I know the video was faked.
Actually I hope it was.....


I know, I know, it's FOX news.
But pay close attention at 2:30 into the clip.
You know I tried to talk to a friend about this and he just laughed and said "It'll never happen."
I hope he's right.

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