Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Fourth Kind Revisited

"You mean...it's a hoax?"

Well since I did my entry on The Fourth Kind, most (if not all of you) figured out it was a hoax.
Some thought it was just PR, while others decried it as disinfo most foul.
Wow..."disinfo most foul"...where did I get that?

Anyway, believe it or not the old Alaska Psychiatry Journal site is still up.
Yep, you can go to http://alaskapsychiatryjournal.net/ and see it.

But here is the intro now...

"alaska psychiatry journal is a place for the integration of psyche, soma and spirit. Topics addressed will range widely, including the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders. Recovery from trauma and from addiction will be explored as well. Sport psychiatry is an additional area of interest. alaska psychiatry journal, psyche, soma, spirit, mood, anxiety disorders, recovery from trauma, addiction, psychiatry, alien abduction, ufos, abigail tyler, dr. abigail tyler"

Actually, the intro is the only page now.

The old Alaska Psychiatry Journal.org page is a 404 now.
That's the one that used to say...

"Dr. Abigail Tyler, Ph.D. is a research psychologist currently conducting clinical studies in the area of sleep disorders and Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) in Nome, Alaska, toward developing more effective treatment plans for patients suffering from these related disorders. Dr. Tyler's work has been most recently published in the June 1997 issue of the American Journal Psychiatry in an article detailing her work with Dr. Samuel Burden, MD, entitled "Short-Term Behavioral Effects of Variance in Light Exposure on Suprachiasmatic Nucleus."

But the official movie site is still up....

BTW...Will Patton plays Sheriff August in the film.
Alaska doesn't have Sheriffs.
Check it out:

And check this out if you need further proof....
Alaska newspapers, movie studio reach settlement over 'Fourth Kind'
"FAIRBANKS — Universal Pictures has reached a settlement with a handful of Alaska newspapers, including the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, for using fabricated “news archives” to promote a recently released movie."

Full story here

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