Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Top Twenty Conspiracy Theories

As you can probably guess, I love to read about and investigate conspiracy theories.
A long time ago, I did a list of the most popular ones, but time changes things and new conspiracies have moved into the forefront, others have faded, and some old ones have been revived.
Really, I was kind of amazed at how some had dropped and others have come up.
So let's take a quick look at the most searched for conspiracy theories as of right now.....

1. Area 51
Yep, the good old standby Area 51 is at the top of the list of government conspiracy theories.
This despite the fact that Roadrunners Internationale has gone public with what they know....

2. Da Vinci Code Conspiracy
There are quite a few out there that believe Dan Brown's book is more fact than fiction.
I preferred Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum myself.

3. New World Order Conspiracy
Yes this one has been around for years, but is still very popular.
One reason may be that if you take a look around you, it doesn't seem like that much of a theory anymore.

4. Vaccines Conspiracy Theories
Like several of the others, this theory seems to get juiced now and then.
And it get mentioned in main stream media a lot.

5. Aspartame Dangers
This one I have to go along with.
I cant see any way this stuff couldn't hurt you, and I personally refer to it as "poison" in conversations.
Usually in grocery stores...really front of people.

6. Denver International Airport Conspiracy
Yes, this one gets a lot of press too.
I saw the episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura when he went there.
The paintings are creepy.

7. JFK Assassination Conspiracy
This one has gone on forever.
Well since 1963 at least.
Funny thing is, I recall people in the late 60s saying they thought it was a conspiracy.

8. Reptilian Conspiracy
I'm surprised this one has dropped like it has.
It still seems to be pretty popular on this blog.

9. Skull and Bones Society
Probably the worst secret society in the world, because everyone knows about them!

10. 9 11 Conspiracy Theories
I am REALLY shocked this one has dropped down this far.
I mean, I hear something about this almost everyday in the news.
Has apathy set in?

11. Pearl Harbor Attack
Another one of the government conspiracies that has hung on for years.
Funny thing is, I remember my uncle (who fought in the Pacific in WW2) saying back in the 60s (he died in the 70s) that FDR knew the attack was coming.

12. Fluoride in Water
And here's another I have heard conspiracies theories about since the 60s.
By the way, in case you were wondering, my whole family was Southern Baptist, Republican and came from farming stock.
They didn't consider conspiracies like this to be liberal thinking.

13. Genetically-Modified Foods
Another "The Government is trying to kill us / control us" through food theory.

14. The Freemasons Conspiracy
Another constant favorite that I am surprised ranked this low.
Just one of the many groups bent on world domination.

15. Black Helicopters Conspiracy
This one is down to 15, and I expect to see it drop further with the advent of military drones and more advanced electronic surveillance techniques.
Why use clunky choppers when you can spy on someone from way up in the air?

16. Roswell UFO Incident
Again, I really don't see how these rumors will ever go away.
There is too much folklore built up around the incident.
I personally think "something" happened there, I just don't know for sure what.

17. Martin Luther King Assassination Conspiracy
Like JFK, I don't see this one ever really going away.
Even Jesse Jackson (who was with King at the time of his death) doesn't believe James Earl Ray acted alone.

18. Moon Landing Conspiracy
What can I say about this one?
Even when NASA released low-resolution engineering test photographs of the Apollo 11, Apollo 14, Apollo 15, Apollo 16 and Apollo 17 landing sites, the conspiracy theories didnt end.
After all, they came from NASA right?
Of course if we didn't land on the moon, that busts up some of the "Astronauts saw alien ships on the moon" theories.

19. The Bilderberg Group Conspiracy
I have the same problem with the Bilderberg Group Conspiracy as I do many others.
If one is right, the others are wrong.
One one hand we have them dedicated to taking over the world, but on the other hand we have The Freemasons, The United Nations, The Skull and Bones Society, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Vatican and/or The Jesuits and the Reptilians with the same goal in mind.
Isn't that kinda like having the Legion of Doom from the old Super Friends cartoon fighting each other?

20. The Jesuits
Well since I just mentioned them, here they are rounding out the top twenty.
Although usually portrayed as bad guys, they have themselves been criticized by the Church for deviating from official Church teaching and papal directives.
In light of current that a bad thing?
And also, over one hundred Jesuit priests gave their lives during the Holocaust to rescue or give refuge to Jews.

Now I hope this article didn't sound too light-hearted.
As far as conspiracies go, I tend to look at all sides, and there are some that yes, I do give a grain of truth too.
And a few, WAY more than a grain.
But I look at conspiracy theories like any other theory.
It's just that...a theory.

You should always do your own research and find out about these things yourself.
Don't be spoon fed info by ANYONE!

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