Sunday, March 7, 2010

Are Pyramids The New UFO?

Have Pyramids become the new UFO shape?
Or are all the hoaxers just jumping on the bandwagon?

On YouTube there are videos of pyramid shaped UFOs from Moscow, China, England and Mexico.
It appears the saucer is dead now.
Okay I know not all the shapes are exactly pyramids.
Some are more like octahedrons, but you see what I mean.

And yes, looking at it with a skeptical eye, you can find all kinds of reasonable explanations for these.
Kites, balloons CGI etc.

But what sticks in the back of my mind is that when I saw the plane hit that tower on 9/11, all I could think was,"That looks fake, like it came out of a movie".

But why pyramids now?
Is it some kind of Stargate references?
I'm no CGI expert, but wouldn't a saucer shape be easier to fake than a pyramid?

I notice we haven't had one over New York City yet.

And that's another point.
With something that massive just hovering there, wouldn't there be thousands of pictures and cell phone videos from different angles?

Maybe not.
Last year I watched a white triangle hover in the sky for about 5 minutes while I was standing in a Wal-Mart parking lot.
It was clear as day, and I just stood there looking up at it while peole filed past on foot and drove by me, not a single one looking up to see what I was looking at.
To this day I have no idea what it was...but it was triangular.
And no, my cell doesn't have a camera.

But wouldn't interceptors be scrambled?
Unless of course the object was cloaked to radar.
Then all they would get is a bunch of confused phone calls to the local police.
The police might respond, see it and call it into the proper authorities, but by then, the object would probably be long gone.

Of course all of these might be faked.
Until something lands and we all see it, I'm not going one way or the other too hard.

But here are the videos from all over the world with Pyramids.....





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