Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Google+ Needs To Know What You Look Like

Do you remember "Back in the day" when we all first got on the internet?
Do you remember "No matter what, NEVER give out your personal information to ANYONE online!"
So what the heck changed?
I am really beginning to think the conspiracy theorists are right and that social networks ARE info gathering tools for TPTB.
Okay...I'm paranoid anyway.
But I was looking at Google Webmaster Tools and looking into how to add author information to search results.
It said I couldn't because I didn't have a Google+ Profile.
Now get this....
"If you want your authorship information to appear in search results for the content you create, you'll need a Google+ Profile with a good, recognizable headshot as your profile photo."
Mug shots now?
"Turn right please". 
"Yes citizen...give us your real name, address and a good, recognizable headshot so when we start culling...I mean so we can...oh forget it! We just really wanna know who you are, where you are and what you look like for our Masters."
Or again...maybe I am just being paranoid.

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