Friday, February 2, 2007

The Sun Online - News: French to reveal UFO secrets

The Sun Online - News: French to reveal UFO secrets: "UFO sightings in France are set to be revealed - exciting paranormal enthusiasts in the UK.
The archive of over 1,600 incidents will be released by France's National Space Studies Centre (CNES) and has led to calls for the UK to publish all its sightings.
The highly-anticipated online archive was due to go live this month but has now been delayed until at least March, said the space agency.
Nick Pope, former head of the Ministry of Defence’s UFO projects division, said the France archive could track the paths of unidentified flying objects across the Channel."

Nick said: “I really welcome the French move. There is a huge interest in UFO sightings. It will be great to see if there are reports in there which relate to classic UFO sightings.”
Nick believes an online archive should be published here and claims that many reports gathered by the Ministry of Defence are still kept under wraps.
He said: “There is a lot of files which have not seen the light of day. If the MoD published them, it would be a huge step forward.
“I don’t believe there is a cover up but the MoD leaves itself open to that accusation.”
However the MoD said it has released information on sightings on a annual basis.
A spokesman told the Sun online: “We regularly receive Freedom of Information requests on UFOs and these are published in full over time.
The MoD said it remained “open-minded” about the existence of extraterrestrial life-forms.
But added: “To date we know of no evidence that substantiates the existence of these alleged phenomena”.
Yesterday CNES told the Sun online the launch of its archive, dating back 30 years, would be delayed.
A spokeswoman said: "The archive is not online yet. It will be in mid-March."
The archive - likely to be revealed on the CNES website - consists of around 6,000 reports, many relating to the same incident, filed by the public and airline professionals.
Earlier this month agency official Jacques Arnould said: "Often they are made to the Gendarmerie, which provides an official witness statement and some come from airline pilots."

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