Friday, January 4, 2008

David Icke ,part 6

In 1999, David Icke's books were removed from Indigo stores across Ontario, and several venues on his speaking tour were cancelled, after protests from the Canadian Jewish Congress. The University of Toronto allowed his planned speech there to go ahead, despite the presence of 70 protesters, including the Green Party of Ontario, outside the Hart House Theatre. Icke received a standing ovation from the audience after speaking for five hours.

University of Toronto law professor Edward Morgan wrote on September 30, 1999 to the university's president, Robert Pritchard: "Having been involved in a number of the more renowned cases in Canada dealing with hate literature, it is my view that this is precisely the type of vilifying material with which the Supreme Court was concerned in its decision regarding the Criminal Code ban. The publications praise classic anti-Semitic tracts, and are replete with references to a secret society carrying on a global conspiracy led by a manipulating Jewish clique. The material which I have reviewed finds no place in the Canadian marketplace of ideas."

Sumari Communications, which hosted Icke's tour, denied the allegations: "I dispute the anti-Semite issue because the Jewish community has chosen to isolate anti-Semitic quotes in David's books which he himself uses quotes from Jewish authors to prove his theories. No one is forcing these people to be here, but what is important is that they have the choice. It is called freedom and David doesn't even mention the Jews in his talks."

Icke himself addressed the concerns during his speech: "Is this a Jewish plot? No, No, No. Is it a plot? Yes, Yes, Yes. We are being manipulated, and I do not care if you are Jewish, Chinese, Catholic, etc. We are all being manipulated. And those people that are offended by what I have to say, they should choose not to be offended."

Icke lives in Ryde on the Isle of Wight, where he makes occasional public appearances.

In January 2003, he travelled to Brazil, and later talked about having used Ayahuasca: "[It] is a plant – a rain forest plant – which they turn in to what they call a turn and Shaman in South America have been using it for centuries at least to take people into other realms of reality.... I took it twice and it was an experience – particularly on the 2nd night – that completely transformed my view of life. What it did was take my intellectual understanding that the world is an illusion into the realms of knowing it’s an illusion and there’s a difference between intellectually understanding it’s an illusion and this level of knowing it because you’ve experienced it. I got to the age of 50 without taking a single magic mushroom and I never even had one smoke of pot or anything."

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