Monday, February 2, 2009

" The Being" part 7

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With testing, there were some criteria that had to be met, there were not much, in fact extremely few, but they had to be met.
First, not every world gets tested the same way, for each and every given environment, to each and every world, THAT world gets tested according to this individual given environment and social setting.
Thus, Earth was tested solely in a way that met with Earth's social settings. As such, my Father had told me that even when I think I am alone, do certain things as tho I am alone, but for testing reasons. Now ALL TESTING was done as a pop quiz, we never announce our tests...Like hey we are testing you guys now, okay!...NO NO NO NEVER! When we test, we simply test, to catch all of you as you are, and that is the whole point of the tests. But anyway, it was told to me that when testing Earth, I MUST AT TIMES EVEN WHEN I THINK I AM ALONE, DO CERTAIN DEEDS AS IF I AM ALONE, BUT STRICTLY FOR TESTING REASONS! At this time, I actually had no idea why, but I abided with the strict code of testing when it came to Earth.
It turned out in my adulthood, I found out I had been filmed all my life, and that was why there was a different code of ethics when testing humanity...actually it turned out that ALL OF SOCIETY was filmed and still is and for the most part, most of society does not even know...they call this secret filming by the government Big Brother...and yes, it is quite real and all things are filmed...without your consent or knowledge!
Thus was I, therefore as I said, all planets being tested differently, under these Earth social conditions, I had to abide to the code of testing Earth, in this manner, as it would fit the environment of Earth...and the whole point of tests are always to catch the natives at their naked self...unprepared and as they are.

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