Friday, September 3, 2010

Reptilians Are Still Popular

A quick look at Google News yields four news stories with Reptilians featured.
Everything from an article about how "Secret services 'must be made more transparent'" to "What will the 2011 Model of UFO Look Like?" contain either references to Reptilians in the article itself or comments about the articles.

Searching for Reptilians on Google yields hits for David Icke, shapeshifting reptilians, greys, reptiles, Illuminati, reptoids, aliens and reptilian agenda, which leads me to believe that these searches aren't being run by children looking for info for school projects.

I know here, just about every article I do on Reptilians goes to the top, or close to the top of the most read pages here.

So people still hold the Reptilians in high regard in the Conspiracy circles.

What is the fascination?

Well I pointed out in an article I wrote elsewhere that Reptilians have figured into science fiction and fantasy lore for a long time.
And that's not even counting early mythology.

The earliest fictional account I could find about Reptilians (on TV) was in 1967, when the British TV show Dr Who introduced the Ice Warriors.
The Ice warriors were reptilian humanoids, but their features were usually hidden under heavy armor.

Then in 1973, Dr. Who introduced the Draconians, a space-faring feudal civilization of reptilian humanoids.
The Draconians in Dr. Who were articulate and had an advanced culture, very much like feudal Japan and they came from the planet Draconia.

Now Draconians are actually listed as a race of reptoids on many websites devoted to Reptilians.
They are even mentioned in the Dulce Wars of 1979-1985.
The "real" Draconians are said to have come from colonies in Alpha Draconis.
But, they originated here on Earth.

By the way, Dr.Who also had another reptilian race of beings known as The Silurians.
They were actually scientifically advanced sentient humanoids who predated the dawn of man.
So they originated on Earth, like the "real" Draconians.
And also the Silurians live underground.

The Silurians debuted in 1970, a full 29 years before David Icke's The Biggest Secret came out.

Icke was born in 1952, so that would have made him about 15 when the Ice Warriors showed up on Dr. Who.

Of course if you really wanna tie Icke's Reptilian Conspiracy to the media, look at the original "V" that debuted in 1983, 16 years before The Biggest Secret came out.

To quote, AC/DC, Who Made Who?

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