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The Fort Monmouth UFO - 1951

September 10th, 1951

At the Fort Monmouth, New Jersey Radar facility on September 10th, 1951, something strange occurred.
While watching his radar screen, radar operator Private First Class Eugent A. Clark picked up a low moving object.
His radar was equipped with the new state of the art automatic setting mode that would track objects automatically on his radar screen.
PFC Clark engaged it.
Or rather he tried to.
The "object" was moving so fast that the automatic setting couldn’t get a lock on it.
They estimated the speed to be 700 plus miles per hour.

The Fort Monmouth UFO - 1951

Cut to a T-33 jet trainer over Point Pleasant, New Jersey at the same time.
Pilots Lieutenant Wilbert S. Rogers (an experienced WWII fighter pilot) and Major Edward Ballard Jr. both see a disc-like silvery object going in the opposite direction about 12 thousand feet below them.
They wanted to get a closer look so they began to close, and when they did the "object" descended.
The "object" was banking and moving at an estimated 700 mph which was outdistancing the T-33 quite easily.
The "object" turned and headed out over the sea, leaving the jet in it's wake.

The USAF's official explanation....
"At approximately 11:12 EDST, 10 September 1951 two balloons were released from the Evans Signal Laboratory, New Jersey and would have moved into a position nearly in line with Point Pleasant.
The good old weather balloon explanation was trotted out once again.
Balloons that can do 90 degree turns and straight line at over 700 mph.

By the way...
When presented with this explanation by the USAF, it is said that both Lieutenant Rogers and Major Ballard said the investigators were quote...."nuts."
They said there was no doubt in their minds that the "object" was intelligently controlled.

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