Tuesday, February 16, 2016

UFO Sightings - Atlas Rocket Intercept - 1964

UFO Sightings - Atlas Rocket Intercept - 1964

This is one of those weird USAF reports with UFOs.
You have a report that was filed with the USAF claiming an event happened, the the USAF going back and claiming that not only did the event not even happen, but the person making the claim was never in the USAF.

In September, 1964 at Big Sur, California there was an an Atlas missile test launch that was filmed as is normal with a test.
The Officer In Charge was United States Air Force Lieutenant Robert Jacobs.
They filmed the test, the warhead malfunctioned during the test and failed.
No big deal.

What was a big deal was that later on the film was viewed and it showed a UFO zoom past the warhead and blast it with an energy beam, causing it to fail.
Now straight up, I have seen the video (and you will too), I do not see a UFO.
I see the warhead flare for a second, but I do not see a UFO.

That being said, evidently others saw it because Robert Jacobs was sworn to secrecy and told never to mention it again.

Well years later he did mention it and when he did, the USAF denied he was ever in the service.
Unfortunately records showed he was.
Then they denied he was there at the test.
Records showed he was.
Then they denied that test happened.
Records showed it did.

Anyway when those lame attempts failed, they tried to say what Jacobs saw was dummy targets ejected from the missile.

Heck, even Bill Nye the Science Guy, weighed in on it on Larry King, trying to debunk it.
By the way, you know the "Science Guy" has an Honorary Doctor of Science degree, his real training is as a mechanical engineer, like Howard on the Big Bang Theory.

Anyway, even though I saw nothing on the video myself, there seems to be enough there to get the USAF and the science community to give several different explanations to what happened there.
Though at first they denied anything happened at all.

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