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UFO Sightings - The Ghost Rockets of 1946

Even before the famed Kenneth Arnold sighting or even the Roswell crash, the skies over the Earth were lighting up.
For instance, the Scandinavian ghost rockets.
Between the months of May and December of 1946 over 2,000 sightings of "Ghost Rockets" were reported by Finnish eyewitnesses,
Of course the fun-crushing scientists said that the sightings were actually meteors.
And yes a few did occur during the Perseid meteor shower.
But a lot did not.

The weird thing about this though is that a lot of military investigators rejected the meteor theory outright.
Because many of the observed objects didn’t fall vertically, they flew horizontally.
And many hovered.
Some moved very slow and some were even in formation.
All were seen in broad daylight.

Some observers said they looked like rockets (hence the name) and some had fins and some didn’t.
Some people believed it was the Russians playing with V-2s they captured from Germany.

There was even a "Swedish Ghost Rocket committee" formed to study the cases.
They concluded that the sightings were indeed real.
As in the people DID see something.
What...they didn’t know.

The US even admitted that they had tracked some of the Ghost Rockets on radar.

In 1948, USAFE (United States Air Force Europe) released a report that said that the "phenomena" could not be credited to any technology presently known on earth.
Yeah...that’s what the military said.
It went on to say that the technology that created them came from "possibly outside the earth".

That ain't the scariest part though folks.
It seems Greece was having similar problems.
So they dispatched their top man, Dr. Paul Santorinis to investigate.
This guy worked on the first A-bomb, guidance systems for missiles and he worked on advanced radar systems.
Basically...he knew his stuff.

Although covered up at the time due to security reasons, years later Santorinis said publicly that the "Ghost Rockets" were not missiles.
His research had been shut down by the government because they didn’t want the public to know that there was technology out there that we had "no possibility of defense" against.

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