Saturday, February 20, 2016

UFO Sightings - The Incident at Maury Island

June 21st, 1947
Just three days before the famed Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting another UFO incident happened, the not so famous Incident at Maury Island.
One reason the incident is not so famous is because allegedly the eyewitness, Harold Dahl, recanted his story years later and said he made it up.
But oh what a story it was.
It had everything...

A crew on a boat (Dahl and his son) seeing six UFOs in a daytime sighting, one of which appeared to be damaged.
The damaged one spewing some molten metallic substance.
A human injured by the debris and a dog killed by it.
And the man that Dahl worked for was Fred Lee Crisman, who would later be a major player in the JFK conspiracy theories!
And before this even happened, Crisman was connected to the bizarre “Shaver Mystery” recounted in Amazing Stories magazine.
Which was a story about subterranean dwellers and killer robots.
The Maury Island Incident went on to encompass the Men in Black and an airplane crash that killed military personnel that were allegedly taking evidence back to a military base.

To get the full effect you need to just look it up and see what all is covered.
It's a pretty wild read when you connect the dots.

But what strikes me as strange is that a B-25 carrying two military men back to a base crashes and they are both killed.
And Kenneth Arnold (yes THE Kenneth Arnold) who flew up there to investigate the sighting after he himself had seen "something", well his plane crashes too on the way home.
A faulty fuel valve they said.
Arnold wasn't seriously injured.

But the conspirator in me thinks that the B-25 was brought down because they knew something....and maybe Arnold got lucky and survived his crash, but was too scared to do anything other than back the Government's "official story" after that.
Maybe Dahl (and his family) said it was a hoax because they wanted to live. 

By the way, it is on record that the FBI threatened to charge Dahl and Crisman with fraud, resulting in the death of two officers unless they dropped their story.
So when they did...the FBI just backed off.
So recanting a UFO story was good enough to get out of fraud charges and being charged with contributing to the death of two military men?

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