Friday, February 19, 2016

UFO Sightings - The 1954 New Years Eve UFOs in Jersey

UFO Sightings - The 1954 New Years Eve UFOs in Jersey

Evidently Earthlings weren’t the only ones out and about on New Years Eve in 1954.

New Jersey had a sighting that was seen by quite a few people.
From 10:35 PM to 12:05 AM, witnesses saw three to twelve (depending on where they were reporting from) white oval objects, slightly smaller than the full moon just hovering in the sky.
The objects moved around, switched places and orbited each other.
The thing about this sighting is that it had multiple independent witnesses.
The sightings of the same objects started in Woodbury New Jersey and ended in Surf City, New Jersey, with a detour over Toms River NJ.

All in all there were over twenty sightings, coming from not only civilians but also a Navy pilot, a police chief, and multiple police officers.
Like I said, these sightings went on for over an hour and a half.
Some were observed through binoculars and there were estimated at a height of four miles and about 1,500 feet wide.

As far as the reports say, no fighters were scrambled to intercept.

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