Thursday, February 18, 2016

UFO Sightings - Monon Railroad UFO

Now here is a very unique sighting.
We have had ground observers, radar tracking, jet fighters chasing them and had UFO buzz Naval ships.
But I think this is the first UFO vs freight train encounter.

On October 3rd, 1958, a Monon Railroad freight train going from Wasco to Kirklin, Indiana had a weird encounter.
Four "big, soft white lights" crossed the track in front of the train, then turned and zoomed down the length of the train.
While flying down the train, the lights were seen by the entire crew.
Reaching the end of the train, the four objects turned and started to follow the train.
Since they were brightly glowing, it was hard to see them, but the crew said that they appeared to be flat objects (saucer shaped?).
The object lined up four abreast and followed the train.

Several of the crewmen went out on the back platform and watch the objects pacing the train.
One of them got an idea and grabbed several big sealed beam flashlights in hopes of somehow signaling or communicating with the objects.
They waved the lights and the objects did come in closer to the train.
But as soon as the beam from one of the flashlights hit one of the objects, it dodged left out of the beam.
The objects formed into a V pattern and they hit them with the beams again and they scattered.
(Maybe they thought they were firing some energy based weapon at them?)
The objects then all turned and zoomed off into the Northeast.

This incident was eventually written up in the February 1959 issue of Fate magazine.

UFO Sightings - Monon Railroad UFO

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