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UFO Sightings - 1958 - Malmstrom Air Force Base

UFO Sightings - 1958 - Malmstrom Air Force Base

Back in the middle of May 1958, Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana got a weird visitor that hovered over the atomic weapons and the fighter jet hangers.
On August 4th, 1958, they came back.

A Field Investigations Squadron guard on patrol looked up and saw a huge delta wing craft flying right over him.
Now true, we did have the delta winged F-102 Delta Dagger and the F-106 Delta Dart that were in testing stages at the time.
So it is possible that one could have been flying over the base, though most likely it would have been at a testing facility.

Now here is the problem with that.
The object was almost totally silent, save for a slight whistling sound.
No jet engine sounds.
There were no engines visible, no tail and no exhaust.
And the witness was FIS, which is a branch of the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations.
They are trained in "Threat assessment".
He didn't recognize the aircraft so he called it in.
The object was also observed on the base radar.

So with another UFO cruising over Malmstrom, why weren't fighter jets scrambled to intercept?
Well the USAF wanted to know that too.
Several higher ups got burned just for that.

The official USAF conclusion?
It was indeed a delta wing wing fighter, probably an F-102 or an F-106.
But wouldn't our own planes tell us where they were?
Even a test flight?

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