Thursday, February 22, 2007

Horses and Aliens

Horses and Aliens:

"Whenever I’m out in the country, I of course look up. Up at the sky. the sky this past weekend on the Oregon coast where I was was gorgeous. Stormy at times, with huge clouds scudding across the sky, with brilliant patches of blue. And all the while, I was looking up, hoping of course, to see a UFO. Night time in the country is also inviting; looking up, I always hope to see something UFO-ish. I’m greedy, I’ve seen several UFOs, but I want more. The night sky this weekend, however, was much too overcast to see anything, no stars, nothing.
And while I've seen UFOs, and hope to see more, I don’t think beyond that. The UFO part is fine. But I don’t expect to see, or want to see, beings, entities, aliens or robotic devices emerging from them. I don’t wand, or expect, to see, the UFO land. Like the horses, I’m nervous around the whole thing."

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