Friday, February 9, 2007

National Ledger - Pilots, UFOs and Job Discrimination

Has it been standard practice for major airlines to discourage their pilots from reporting a UFO sighting and/or going public by implying to them, in some way, that their jobs and pensions could be in jeopardy by them doing so? This is probably not something that the airlines would admit to, but we have all heard of such intimidation and fear factors to quiet employees from coming forth with reports.
We can only speculate that they practice such procedures in fear of scaring away perspective customers from using their airline service so they can remain competitive. They may also not want to be perceived by the public or their rivals as the joke airline, which employs mentally unstable pilots who are prone to seeing little green men. "

National Ledger - Pilots, UFOs and Job Discrimination: "Pilots, UFOs and Job Discrimination

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