Monday, December 29, 2008

The Being, part two

"The Being's" story continues.....

To the patrons of Sabre's site, it has been pointed out to me to shorten my story lines for space, thus I will thenceforth write following chapters in a more concise format, for anymore info. to such story lines, would eat up space. So in each chapter written, there can be only so much stated by me each week, for any frustrations that may arise, I will simply have to come back each week to receive the next concise chapter.

The number 333 was a significant number, it was literally, in my own encrypted way, of cluing in the people of that time when I was around 9, of a future matter that was at that time, to come; as of now it has come and passed. The first 3 represents Earth...the third planet from the sun. The second 3 represents my age 30 on the year 2003...under which at that age I would set forth certain motions into action. The third 3 represents what I was to relay in message form what was to come three years later from the year 2003. Needless to say, when the time came for a certain malcontented deed to have occurred, it did not. With the powers invested in me and a gentle nudge to The Privileged to output a more positive mentality, thus infusing my energy force with their positive mental output, my Father saw fit to nullify that which was to have come, in the year yes, much to the mass ignorance of the society at large, including you the reader, a disaster of worldwide proportions was curtailed, by a small group with the aide of me. As for the reader, you, you have come to know that I gave out this encrypted bit of information by way of a Donkey Kong Jr. electronic black & white hand held game, where I with my powers manipulated the game's brain, the microchip, to make the first initial score roll out a 333 at the age of 9...and yes, this has been recorded for archival sake, as has been the totality of my life since 5. For information sake, the number 3 is the number of change, from where I come from...The Metaverse.

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