Tuesday, February 20, 2007

icWales - Website debunks 'Welsh Roswell'

icWales - Website debunks 'Welsh Roswell': "Website debunks 'Welsh Roswell'Feb 20 2007

Robin Turner, Western Mail

A CELEBRATED UFO incident in which aliens are said to have crash-landed into a remote Welsh mountain range in 1974 may finally have been debunked.
According to contributions on the internet encyclopedia Wikipedia, the Berwyn Mountains Incident - often referred to as the 'Welsh Roswell' - was actually a combination of an earthquake, a meteor shower and poachers carrying lanterns. Supporters of the UFO theory last night hit back at the claims.
It all happened on the frosty night of January 23, 1974, near Llandrillo, high in Clwyd's Berwyn Mountains.
Just after 8.30pm, even the most solid farmhouses and country pubs began to shake as the earth rumbled with what appeared to be a fantastic impact."

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